The substance from which wine dreams are made.

LESESTOFF® Red Wine Cuvée

Our full-bodied and powerful red wine cuvée presents ripe fruit in abundance! Careful grape harvesting, wine preparation by masterful hands, and gentle aging give it character, depth, and mellowness. On the palate, flavors of juicy blackberries and cherries blend with soft tannins and subtle toasty notes. A seductive touch of fruity sweetness makes Lauffener LESESTOFF® a truly special taste experience.

Enjoy this wine with savory game dishes, grilled steak, delicious pasta, a hearty snack, or when you simply crave a really good red wine.

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LESESTOFF® White Pressed

A fabric for wine lovers: powerful-fresh, silky-full-bodied, and with stimulating fruit. Cooled fermented by our cellar team and produced according to all the rules of the art, this Blanc de Noirs is a wine of great personality and harmonious balance. On the palate, it seduces with fruity aromas of pineapple, white peach, and apricot. A fine touch of fruity sweetness makes it an almost irresistible pleasure.

LESESTOFF® WHITE PRESSED is the ideal complement to refined appetizers, fish and seafood, as well as light poultry. It fits perfectly with Asian cuisine or as an elegant refreshment almost any time of day or night.

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A substance that fulfills the dreams of Rosé enthusiasts: fruit-forward, intense, and with floral notes. Careful grape harvesting, cooled fermentation, and wine preparation by masterful hands make LESESTOFF® an extraordinary Rosé wine with character, elegance, and balance. On the palate, pleasant freshness and flavors reminiscent of raspberry, strawberry, and cherry come together. The balance of this wine with its subtle spice notes and a fine touch of fruit sweetness creates a special tasting experience.

As a companion to dishes, LESESTOFF® Rosé is very versatile.
Whether prepared with tomatoes, mushrooms, arugula, cheese sauce, or ragout: Rosé always fits. With light poultry, tomato and eggplant casseroles, crustaceans, grilled langoustines, and pizza and salads.

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